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Concrete Mix Ratio Australia

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

What is in a concrete mix ? a concrete mix ratio in Australia is a vital topic in concrete mix design. The four basic ingredients for making concrete are: Portland cement, sand, aggregate (stone) and water. The strength of concrete mixture depends on the ratio in which these four ingredients are mixed.

Cement or concrete - what's the difference?

Cement is the grey powder that when mixed with water acts as the glue that binds the hard concrete together. Cement, water, sand and gravel are all mixed together to form the durable, strong, inexpensive and flexible construction material that we all know as concrete.

Concrete is used everywhere

Concrete is the second most consumed substance (after water) in the world. In fact, 70% of the world’s population lives in a structure that contains concrete.

Building Australia

Concrete is the most cost effective construction material for many applications. Some 29 million cubic metres of pre mixed concrete is produced to build Australia each year. That is enough to fill up 18 Melbourne Cricket Grounds!

Locally sourced

Concrete needs to be made close to where it is used as it generally only lasts 90 minutes before it starts to harden. The sand and gravel within the concrete also need to be locally sourced to keep transportation costs low to help keep building costs down for local projects and supporting local jobs.

Concrete is strong

Concrete’s strength, durability, flexibility, energy efficiency and low cost make it ideal to be used in a range of homes, shops, workplaces, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. You can build without limits with concrete.

View more about concrete strength and what Mpa is.

Sustainable concrete

The concrete industry has worked hard to reduce its environmental footprint. It has reduced CO2 emissions by using what would otherwise be waste products such as fly ash and slag to deliver energy efficient buildings, underscoring concrete’s credentials as one of the most sustainable building products.


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